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Personal and Business Taxes 

2 MB

GST/HST & QST Remittance

2 MB

Bookkeeping Application

2 MB

Consultation Application

2 MB

Sole Proprietor & Partnership Business Registration

2 MB

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Personal Taxes

This service covers a wide range of personal tax filings, including T4/RL 1, T4A, T2202A, and T5 slips, ensuring accurate and compliant reporting of employment income, deductions, and credits.

$99.99 plus tax

Personal & rental


This service offers personalized tax services, including personal tax filing, rental income filing, tax planning, consultation, and audit support, all handled by our knowledgeable team of tax professionals.

$129.99 plus tax

Business Taxes

This service offers assistance in the preparation and filing of business taxes for both sole proprietorships and partnerships. We handle tax compliance, ensuring timely completion and submission of necessary documents.

$309.99 plus tax

Personal + Business


This service provides comprehensive tax filing services for individuals and businesses, focusing on sole proprietors and partnerships. Our goal is to ensure accurate and efficient tax compliance while maximizing deductions and credits.

$379.99 plus tax


This service offers proficient bookkeeping services with timely and accurate GST/QST remittance on a recurring monthly basis. We provide insights to help businesses make informed financial decisions and foster growth.

$50 per hour



This service provides up-to-date bookkeeping along with filing for GST/HST/QST remittance. We ensure accurate and timely tax compliance keeping your financial records organized.

$159.99 plus tax

Sole Proprietor & 


Business Registr.

Includes business registration and tax number for sole proprietors and partnerships. We streamline business registration and tax ID acquisition for compliance and ease.

$169.99 plus tax


This service includes consultation service for business or tax counselingThis service includes business registration and tax number for sole proprietor and partnership

$89.99 plus tax

All the services we provide

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