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accounting simple and stress-free.

Focus on your business while we handle the numbers with precision and expertise 

Everything Accounting

Everything Taxes

Google review

"Helped me with my small business taxes. Very professional, efficient and quick! Definitely recommend."


- Krysti Skoda

"Exceptional service! Johnson is extremely transparent. The process was quick & effortless. I left feeling motivated, with a handful of insight to yield larger returns next year".

- Tre Coutain

What People Say

Thank you, Tre. We enjoyed assisting you with your business

We appreciate the kind words Krysti. Reach out again

Most popular questions (FAQ)

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of our financial data?

​We use secure encryption tools which ensure your data is safe!

Where are you located?

We operate out of Montreal serving businesses locally and beyond

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Here for you

Are you licensed or certified as a professional bookkeeper?

Yes! Find out more about us in the About section on this website

What experience do you have working with businesses of a similar size or industry as ours?

We have worked with 40+ SMBs of all sizes from multiple industries in Canada 

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Pro evolution coaching

At Studiobookkeeping we work closely with our clients to provide accounting solutions that empower their businesses and drive growth.

Services We Provide

Unlock your business potential with our exceptional and professional accounting services. Swipe cards →

Personal Taxes

This service includes personal tax filing such as T4/RL 1, T4A, T2202A, T5 slip


This service includes consultation of service for business reasons or tax counseling


This service includes bookkeeping service and GST/QST remittance on a month-to-month basis

Personal + Business taxes

This service includes personal tax filing and business taxes for sole proprietor and partnership

Business Taxes

This service includes the filing of business taxes for sole proprietor and partnership

Personal Tax & Rental Income

This service includes personal tax filing as well as rental income filing

GST/QST Remittance

This service includes the filing for GST/HST/QST remittance with book keeping up to date

Business Registration for Sole Proprietor & Partnership

This service includes business registration and tax number for sole proprietor and partnership

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